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Uptown helps PWC create the World's most Sustainable Building

In another first for corporate sustainability, Uptown Biodiesel has helped PWC to create the World's most sustainable building - see here for the full story.

Uptown achieves EN14214 European standard biodiesel with UCO.

EN14214 is the holy grail of biodiesel quality and is unobtainable for most biodiesel companies processing UCO without very high energy consumption and unsustainable processes. Through our collaboration with our clients and partner university, Uptown has engineered a new process that ensures that the highest quality biodiesel can be produced with little additional cost and with minimal energy consumption.

see our latest test results.


See Uptown featured in The Handbook

Super trendy gastro and celebrity site The Handbook came to see us recently. See their take on our oil recycling and biodiesel activities here


Vanke CEO Wang Shi visits Uptown Biodiesel before building factories in China

The World's biggest property developer Wang Shi visited Uptown recently to get a feel for recycled biodiesel made from used cooking oil. His company, China Vanke, builds 68,000 homes a year and his adventures have turned him green, because every time he has gone back to mountains of his home town, he has found less ice and snow. As he says: “Global warming is my personal experience.”

Warren Evans switches to low carbon biodiesel for their vehicle fleet

In yet another example of local businesses taking advantage of locally made biodiesel, the London based bed and mattress specialist is bucking the trend of higher fuel costs with this doubly green move to Uptown Biodiesel.

See the downloadable PRESS RELEASE here...

CNN Report - Biofuels Firing London Cars

CNN recently visited Uptown Biodiesel to report on our fueling of London's Black cabs. See the video below

Uptown Biodiesel WINS the 2011 Green Business Awards

Uptown took the coveted Green Products & Services category in the 2011 awards at the Grosvenor Hotel, Park Lane.

Download the pdf containing all of the award winners.


    Uptown was recently featured in China, online and in the news

    See the video (left) or the article here

    See the original article (in Chinese) here




   Handcrafted Films have made a video of our work with PwC    


Uptown provides high quality biodiesel for power generation, transport and heating

  • We deliver fresh vegetable direct to you
  • We collect used cooking oil and provide waste transfer notes
  • We convert the used oil into environmentally friendly biodiesel.
Uptown is Central London's only licensed biodiesel manufacturer - taking positive action to reduce the city's CO2 and smoke emissions.  

Uptown's superior quality biodiesel is suitable for use in generators, boilers and all diesel vehicles – (you should check your manufacturers warrantee for details)


Since 2007, our clean renewable fuel has helped London save over

Twenty Thousand tons of CO2, as well as significantly reducing the amount

of diesel particulates in the air we breathe.



  Uptown taxi
See our emissions test results, smoke emissions are up to 60% lower with our biodiesel.  
Our customers tell us they get better mpg around town, their cabs smoke less, their engines run smoother and of course they save money too.   

Safe Biodiesel

Uptown is licensed and registered for biodiesel manufacture and sales. We take great pride in our certifications and compliance with the law. If you buy recycled biodiesel from another producer, be sure they have the following mandatory certifications. In this way you protect yourself, your vehicle, the environment and the legitimate recycled biodiesel producers. 

Your biodiesel producer should have the following accreditations as a minimum:    
  • An HMRC Producers License - to legally make and sell biodiesel
Uptown Biodiesel - Fuel Producer No. FP2174/10  
  • An Environment Agency Permit (called an IPPC)  - to make biodiesel in an environmentally safe way  
Uptown Biodiesel - IPPC No. EPR/ZP3233HS
  • A Waste Carrier License - To legally collect and transport used cooking oil
Uptown Biodiesel - WCL No. CBDU109986
Warranty Issues and our Terms of Use  
If your vehicle is less than 4 years old, there is a good chance it is still in its warranty period. If you choose to use biodiesel and subsequently you have a warranty issue, and your garage establishes that you are using biodiesel, there is a fair chance your warranty will not be honoured. Your use of our fuel is at your discretion and therefore by using our fuel, you agree that you waive any and all such claims against Uptown Biodiesel or its employees, volunteers or helpers for any matters that arise following its use. Our commitment to our customers is that we will take all reasonable care and consideration possible in the manufacture of our fuel.
Uptown Biodiesel Limited

Registered in England and Wales, Company No.: 07080151



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