Taxis and Caterers working together for Cleaner City Air

See the London Assembly Report  on London's appalling air quality - Every Breath You Take - Here
Cleaner City Air

Calling all users of vegetable oil - restaurants, pubs, chip shops, schools, government

Save your waste oil and recycle it
Save the environment
Save money !

We're getting together with Londoners everywhere. See some of our partners here

Uptown Oil and London's catering businesses are recycling cooking oil to reduce city air pollution.

Recycling used cooking oil into biodiesel for taxis, significantly reduces their exhaust emissions, improving air quality

We now collect from over 900 venues city-wide. We don't charge for this disposal service. Restaurants, pubs, canteens, schools, government offices, chip shops etc.

By providing a reliable service, we now collect tonnes of used oil that would otherwise have been wasted.

We convert this to high quality biodiesel and sell it to London taxis for just 90p a litre. This saves our cabbies over £1000 a year, crucial support in these tough times.

  We subsidise fresh vegetable oil sales to London’s caterers because we recycle their waste – this returns some of the value of the oil back to the purchasers saving them money Londons Biodiesel company
We sell biodiesel to taxis in London below DERV prices, this saves our cabbies over £1000 per year.
We help London’s boroughs save money on landfill and drain clearance costs, lowering taxes and utility bills for the people of London
Some councils use biodiesel to lower their transport fuel costs and therefore your council tax bills
We employ Londoners to recycle London’s cooking oil energy, adding value to the local economy

We recycle within London for the benefit of London, and because recycled biodiesel produces...


80% less CO2 

60% less particulate smoke and,

100% less sulphur dioxide

everyone who breathes London’s air, benefits from our recycling activities.
Join the Campaign, recycle your waste, call us today.
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