What's your personal footprint?


CO2 Reduction

Individuals and businesses are realizing that the responsibility to reduce CO2 in the atmosphere is ours alone, in every way we use energy. Unfortunately waiting for Governments to mandate CO2 reductions will not avert Global Climate Change in time. Each of us must act now, voluntarily, to reduce our individual impact and carbon footprint.


CO2 Calculator

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Using Biodiesel eliminates part of the problem and lowers the amount of CO2 you produce. Every litre of biodiesel used is a litre of fossil fuel avoided, and 1 kg of CO2 saved. An average person in the UK emits about 10 tonnes of CO2 a year, your car can account for 50% of this. By using Biodiesel you will substantially reduce your environmental impact.

Combined with other forms of CO2 reduction such as those described in the CO2 calculator above, you can make an immediate and meaningful impact on your CO2 footprint.


Global CO2 emissions prediction

Global CO2 emissions predictions by geographic region