What we do and why we do it.


Mission Statements


  • To convert used cooking oil to biodiesel at commercial levels and at sustainable levels of profitability
  • To do so in a low impact and environmentally responsible manner
  • To promote the commercial growth of recycling UCO into biodiesel
  • To establish Uptown Oil as the UK’s leading UCO biodiesel production and biodiesel technology company

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Why does Uptown focus on biodiesel?

UK Fuel Prices
Recycled biodiesel is one of the first renewable, sustainable, biofuels capable of making an impact on urban vehicle emissions. By significantly lowering the net CO2 produced in the manufacture and use of recycled biodiesel, Uptown lowers total CO2 emissions in the capital.
Other noticeable benefits are less smoke and other pollutants in exhaust, a cleaner, less chemical odour, cheaper fuel which supports our community's transport infrastructure, and the readily available supply of raw material (cooking oil) that would otherwise be dumped, discarded or used for less beneficial applications.

Below are a series of graphs that spell our our rational. These are taken from reliable sources and demonstrate why recycling waste cooking oil into fuel delivers benefits beyond cost cutting for fuel users.


Fuel prices continue to climb

UK fuel prices continue to show a rapid upward trend making the conversion of UCO increasingly profitable and sustainable – see figure 1.


Peak Crude Oil Production

We are running out of fossil fuels anyway

The widely acknowledged ‘peak oil production’ point was universally agreed to have been passed, possibly as early as 1999 driving up transport fuel prices – see figure 2

The only recourse left for the fossil fuel industry is to dig deeper for the difficult oil that remains. Exploitation of pristine wildernesses such as Alaska and highly criticised oil extraction methods such as shale oil extraction continue to deliver fossil fuels, but the environmental cost continues to rise.

Increasingly difficult oil exploration will lead to a greater incidence of oil spills and environmental degradation. The Arctic, Antarctic, Alaska, - all will be ripped apart in the pursuit of increasing profits from a dwindling supply.

We think it is better to change tack than to fight against the inevitable.


UK has already exhausted its own supplies of crude oil

In just 30 years the North Sea oil reservoir has all but gone. Net UK crude oil imports have increased steadily since 2000 with the decline in UK crude production and the exhaustion of the North Sea reserves. This increasing dependance on foreign supplies add further volatility to already insecure fuel supplies – see figure 3

Unless we wean ourselves off fossil fuel dependance, the certainty of international violence remains. The Iraq war we all now know, was about the pursuit of oil. Will we go to war in Africa, Asia and the Middle East in the next decade to secure our convenient lifestyles? Will we allow the corporations to remain in charge of international energy policy?

Renewable sustainable fuels not only open up this debate by providing an alternative to the single mindedness of crude oil dependency, but may also allow people to take the power and money away from those organisations and institutions that have brought climate change, and global warming upon us.


Crude Oil Imports vs Exports

One person can make a difference

The Directors of Uptown decided that they must act collectively to support a global movement to lower CO2 production and man’s dependence on fossil fuels - time is up, we are compelled to change and change is actually quite easy.

If we don't get on top of this, soon, what world will we leave for our kids?

See figure 4


In summary, acting now to reduce our dependance on fossil fuels, lowering CO2 and holding Climate Change at bay, pays dividends in many important areas, social cohesion, international cooperation, and the sanity of a peaceful world rather than one of war and corporate profiteering.

Will we continue to walk blindly into catastrophe whilst oil companies tell us of their 'green' activities. We are sold stories of modern 'efficient cars' that are supposedly environmental, yet they still burn fossil fuels or run on electricity made by coal-fired power stations. These are marketing spin, touted by marketing teams with the same purpose as always, consumer driven profits for those that promote crude oil consumption and the vehicles that use them.

CO2 levels

It is Time to Change. It is Time to Act

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